Tinder in Korea

As a single, 24 year-old woman, having just moved to a new country, knowing absolutely no one, it’s only natural that I would find my way here at some point. And I would just like to say: pr1.jpeg

Tinder is garbage.


I don’t care who you are. I don’t care whose friend of a friend met their husband on Tinder. We all know that those stories are an exception, not the rule.

The rule is: Tinder is what you do when you’re bored, sad,lonely, hungry, or under the illusion that “this time it will be different”.

It’s never different.

And Korea really cinched that for me.

I thought the guys in the US were bad. *sigh* Try dealing with the same thirsty ass men, plus a language barrier, PLUS the misguided notion that foreigners are easy, and you have a recipe for some very cringe-worthy encounters.

Exhibit A

thumbnail (1)

I used to have the terrible habit of unmatching guys as soon as they started getting weird, when I should have been documenting them.

Granted, this is not how the majority of guys will come at you. And, of course there are guys that do this in every country (which doesn’t excuse it), but the language issue is what really makes me cringe. I mean, if you’re going to try to spit game at me, at least make it grammatically correct, in whatever language you’re using.

*Side note-*I did not call him dumb for his struggles with the English language. I called him dumb for his tactlessness. *

Honestly, I was never looking for anything serious on Tinder. I mean, a girl can dream, but I’ve always known what it is. I was, however, looking for some human contact. Being alone in a new country is terrifying and it’s nice to have someone to talk to. Oddly, enough there are some guys on Tinder that just want to make friends or find language exchange partners (or so they say), so it’s not terrible in that respect. But those encounters, intertwined with these…

I don’t think he was referring to my love of IKEA furniture

I’d rather leave it. Essentially, what I’m getting at is, Tinder is trash no matter where you are. It’s best to develop a sense of humor about it.

Swipe at your own risk.




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